NDT Inspection-Industries


Pulp & Paper

Pulp6Pulp & Paper is one of North America's most important and profitable industries. To maintain efficient,
safe and economical operations, routine Shut-Downs are a necessary requirement. The potential for safety and environmental risks can be minimized through routine inspections of Critical Assets such as Boilers, Digesters, Evaporators, Piping, Tanks and Pressure Vessels. Problems identified from these inspections can help prevent unscheduled Shutdowns, Equipment Failures and Catastrophic Damage

NDT Group Inc. (NGI)  employ some of the most experienced NDT Technicians in the Pulp and Paper Industry with an intimate knowledge of the pressure equipment, damage mechanisms and processes.


  • 3rd Party Inspection, NDE Review/Auditing of Repairs and Construction projects
  • Paper Machine Components, Dryer Cans, Suction and Couch Rolls Recovery, Power Boiler Inspections, High Energy Piping and FAC Surveys
  • AUT/PA/Tofd In-lieu of Internal Inspections of Tanks and Pressure Vessels
  • General Piping, Vessels and Tank Inspections
  • Digester and Acilliary Vessel Inspections
  • Deaerator Storage Tank Inspections
  • Phased Array UT of Boiler Tube welds.
  • Lifting Equipment Inspections
  • Evaporator Effect Train Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Thickness and Examinations of Welds, Forgings, Castings
  • Advanced crack sizing using Phased Array UT, Tofd, Tip
  • Diffraction, High Angle LW
  • Corrosion Mapping - Internal/External
  • Automated UT Services (AUT)
  • Stress-Corrosion Cracking Detection, Sizing and Monitoring

 NDT Group Inc. provides distinctive services to Pulp and Paper Mill Industry, as we are constantly developing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. Our diverse experience provides cost effective, and innovative solutions